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"When faced with a difficult question, we often answer an easier one instead."

-D. Kahneman


This statement summarizes what is often found in current UX design. That is, many people want to create rather than design. This is the foundation of bad design.

In my professional career, I have found myself consulting and working with various teams and clients where the focus is on create first, solve second...if there is time. It is easer to make something 'pretty' then it is to actually understand and solve the design problem.

Fortunately, I enjoy the difficult problems and doing the not-so-sexy side of design that involves research, asking difficult questions, testing, iterations, and data analysis. 

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Applying Human Factors Design to think analytically and solve complex design problems. Collaborate with creative, engineering, and business teams to develop ideal experiences across mediums and industries.

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Building and mentoring design teams  to view design from human centered perspective and implement UX methodologies to problem solving. Work with executives, stakeholders, and users to create optimal solutions.

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Balancing current designs, goals, and needs while thinking about future design trends and their impact on product and business roadmap. Ensuring timing allows for success and having some fun in the process. 


UX Design

Wireframes - Sitemaps - Process | Task Flows - Prototyping - UX Modeling - User Flows - Case Scenarios - Responsive | Mobile Design - iOS | Android Mobile - Information Architecture - Competitive Audit - Analytics


Usability | Research

Heuristic Evaluation - A|B Testing - Task Analysis - Persona Development - Statistical Analysis - Remote Testing - Focus Groups - User Interviews - Guerrilla Testing - Cognitive Walkthrough - Basic | Applied Research - Eye Tracking



Adobe CC | Ps Id Ai Xd - Principle - Omnigraffle - Invision -Sketch - Axure - MS Visio - Sketch - Flexitive - Morae - HTML | CSS | JS

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