Work Examples


QSR Payment Image@2x.png

Mobile Contactless Payment, Help & Support

Created and tested a mobile contactless payment method and help & support module within existing mobile application. During background research of current and emerging payment methods and business processes, identified security issues and addressed by updating business service model within the application and within the POS system. 

Help & Support was concept test of clients existing system to see how ideal UX could be executed while streamlining crew side operations.


Voice – 1@2x.png

Virtual Assistant

For a Global Client I was tasked with how the business could enhance the drive thru experience and reduce operation time and costs. This lead to a cognitive flow paper about seamless integration of a smart car and virtual assistant handling ordering and payment without the user ever needing to open their window except to get their order.

This lead to a larger look into Virtual Assistants and how it can be used to provide a truly omni-channel experience for the customer and its impact on business operations from a high level strategic viewpoint to specific scenarios and tactics.


Work SF – alt@2x.png

State Farm Digital Ecosystem

Managed multiple teams to transition State Farms's business model from a traditional 'brick and motor' service model to a fully digital service model. Within and across teams, worked with UX and Strategy teams, Stakeholders, and Legal teams to understand current business practices and innovate based on current and emerging technology to improve the overall user experience.

Work CMS – 1@2x.png


Worked with clients and engineers to re-create a legacy CMS platform to meet the current and emerging business needs. Scale of the project involved 1000+ monthly users uploading, managing, and editing 20,000+ resources.  

Focus was on understanding the business needs, requirements, and rules to develop the structure of the CMS and subsequently the functionality, tools and layout of the CMS. 


Application Improvement@2x.png

Mobile App Improvement

I was conducting research looking into how users would 'check-in' to pick up a mobile order. This required using the Client's mobile application to place and order and I found the experience to be dated and tedious. 

The current trend in mobile ordering is to make the process as quick as possible for the user given the short attention span and constraints of mobile device. Therefore, in my spare time traveling back and forth from NYC to Chicago, I did a quick redesign of the ordering functionality based on human factors principles and current design trends. 


Applicant Tracker – 1@2x.png

Applicant Tracking System

Company I worked at wanted to see about building an in house Applicant Tracking System to use internally across global offices. I did preliminary research to understand existing tools and common tools and functionality. I then interviewed our internal HR staff to understand their needs and want. I then developed various wires incorporating the findings to create a system that had just the tools needed and allowed for large number of applicants to be managed quickly and ensure applicants were managed in timely manner.


Infoprocessing – 2@2x.png

Design Processing

Created a brief presentation of the Psychology of Design and Information processing to show why keeping designs simple is important for a good user experience.