UX Strategy

At onset of project, worked to translate the key business strategy into an actionable UX Strategy. The key strategy throughout the project was to be able to complete any task across multiple devices and allows for seamless transitions between customers and agents.

UX Strategy Framework



Persona and Case Scenarios

Worked with internal stakeholders and analyzed user data to develop personas as well as typical and atypical case scenarios. Focused on how to incorporate multiple business products seamlessly to complete each case scenario and identify 'pain points' for further discussion as possible new tools.


persona background.jpg


Process | Task Flows

Worked with internal stakeholders and legal teams (due to nature of business products) to create process flows of specific tasks, create new process flows based on new case scenarios and personas, and create ideal process flows based on current and emerging technology. Goal was to streamline existing processes as well as seamlessly integrate multiple processes across devices and users.




Process Validation and Tool Creation

Throughout process, wireframes were created to determine functionality and identify process gaps. Process flows and wires were updated as content matured and became finalized.

Further, low-fidelity prototyping was done with stakeholders to walk through processes based on case scenarios to get feedback and identify any areas of confusion, in particular, going from different devices or business units.


Eco Wireframe.png


Team Management

Throughout project, I oversaw 4 out of 8 work streams to ensure consistency and component integration (eg. billing/payment across various business units).

Each work stream consisted of 2-3 Junior to Mid level UX designers that directly reported to me regarding strategy/tactics, task flows, business rule changes/development, and wireframe execution.

In addition, work streams consisted of Account, Project/Product Managers, and Developers, as well as, Clients/Stakeholders and Legal Teams when necessary.

One of the challenges faced was ensuring consistency across each work stream to ensure efficient development of the work and to make sure a change in one area didn't violate and established design in another. This required daily stand-ups of the entire team and weekly share-outs of the work to maintain the larger picture of the work and each teams impact.

Team Oversight@2x.png