Joseph Everett Grgic


UX Designer and Researcher with 9+ years experience. I enjoy being presented with a design problem and understanding the underlying conventions of design and human factors to create simple and effective solutions.




Originally a researcher focusing on basic and applied cognitive psychology and design, I moved to consulting to understand how existing systems and technology were currently be used and how to improve their effectiveness based on fundamental human factors/cognitive psychology principles.  

Since moving to NYC, I've consulted numerous organizations establishing UX methodologies (e.g. user testing, research, design process) as well as working with clients and stakeholders to create design solutions across mobile, responsive web, CLM platforms, E-mail, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Kiosk, and Physical service portals (e.g drive thru)

Currently a Lead Interaction Designer leading the research for a global QSR company's Innovation lab. Work has primarily focused on transitioning service from digital to physical environments taking into account legacy systems, physical constraints, and user access. In addition, I am involved with determining future research and design paths focused on Virtual Assistances across multiple touch points (mobile, web, voice, text, physical).



I am still involved with the applied research side of cognitive psychology and design. My focus is on visual attention and affordances/conventions. Other research interests are on button to action mapping, conceptual modeling, and haptic perception. 

  • Grgic, J., Still, J.D., Still, M.L. (2016, December). Effects of Cognitive Load on Affordance-based interactions. Applied Cognitive Psychology. Impact Factor: 1.5
  • Still, J. D., Still, M. L., & Grgic, J. (2014, December). Designing intuitive interactions: Exploring performance and reflection measures. Interacting with Computers. Impact Factor: 1.4
  • Still, J. D., Grgic, J. & Still, M. L. (2011, February). Revealing user button-to-action mappings through describing and acting. Presented at Midwest Psychological Association Conference
  • Wu, B., Klatzky, R.L., Hollis, R.L., Grgic, J.E., (November 2010) Hapticvisual perception of virtual viscoelestic tissue. HHS-NIH-NIBIB 



I am a competitive cyclist on a NYC based elite team; CRCA/e2Value.  The best I can explain the sport is like a game of chess at 30mph and there are no finisher medals! It requires intense focus and determination with little room for error. You can typically find me from March-October in Central Park at 6am training and racing regionally on the weekends!

I Love to read books about evolutionary biology, morality, physics, and quantum mechanics! While I may never understand the math, I like to try to develop a mental picture of the environment and how the physics works.  Still struggling to understand gravity in 3-dimensions conceptually, but recently understood Hawking Radiation based on Feynman electron position and actions!